D-Rats 0.3.5

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Maurizio Andreotti
Apr 7   


Hi all

I am come to a point sorting out the reply that D-Rats sends when receive a "get all positions" and "get position" request.

I did a reasonable number of tests on both linux and windows, so it would be great if anybody could do the same

at this link you can find the source code to use on Linux: 

at this link you can find the executable for windows XP/10:

The windows version was compiled on a XP (virtual machine) and then tested on win 10, it should be working also on 7 and vista and 8, but I have no way of testing it.

a) on my Win10 with Avast antivirus it gets blocked as potentially infected by IDP.generic
b) Both versions use (unchanged) the same config file of the 0.3.5, no need to remove or delete it.
c) if you're running 0.3.4 you'll need to remove your config and create a new one 
d) if you're still using 0.3.3 or other versions from Dan, you dont need to remove your config, this version will use a new folder for it's needs.
e) maps... if you want maps but dont want to register to get an Apikey on thunderforest, just delete the prefilled parameter (you'll get the maps with the "Api key required" text in overlay)

What shall be tested?

a) that all features are still wokring and
b) that the updated d-rats provides reply when it gets asked by "get positions" & "get all positions" 
c) that operating the filter in the "events" tab dont create again exceptions or crashes d-rats
d) that the debug log in windows or the prompt window in linux has much more infos than in the past (so to both give users an idea of what d-rats is doing and improve troubleshooting)

thanks in advance for your help

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yo "ando" con la versión de Maurizio, aunque en la captura esté con ambas versiones y con el ED1ZAJ funcionando ... me lo cargé o no ... hi hi

Imagen de ea1axy

Imagen de ea1axy

• added timestamp in repeater logs
• changed report position replies to “getposition” format to be compliant with DPRS interface
• added a default icon for station reporting position with wrong GPS icon string (so to have them on the map)
• updated compile procedure to have drats2.ico back again in windows exe



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